Language Access Plan

Through the town's strategic goal of “A Welcoming Community”, we want all residents to feel confident in connecting with their town services. Sometimes, this means breaking down a language barrier. 

The Process

Throughout 2023, the DEI team will lead an effort to develop a Language Access Plan. This plan would outline ways to better serve our community members with limited ability to speak, understand, read, or write in English. 

The Town of Apex is currently participating in the Institute for the Study of the Americas’ Local Government Language Access Collaborative. Through the program, we hope to accomplish the following:

  • Look at data about which specific languages other than English are most frequently used by Apex residents
  • Assess current efforts by town staff to communicate in those languages
  • Identify ways to improve or enhance communication to languages other than English
  • Draft a plan that prioritizes these improvements 

The Team

The Language Access Plan team consists of several town staff, along with our community partners.

  • Fiesta Cristiana staff (community partners)
  • Linda Graham-Jones, DEI
  • Celeste Sherer, DEI
  • Allen Coleman, Town Clerk
  • Steffee Bowden, Administrationn
  • Stacie Galloway, Communications