Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) owns and maintains most of the traffic signals in Apex with some exceptions. However, the Town of Apex Traffic Engineer is able to receive requests and will notify NCDOT and/or Town of Cary concerning traffic signal issues at specific locations when needed. Apex does not currently maintain any of the coordinated timing plans for the signal systems since those are either on NCDOT or Town of Cary networks.  

Any intersection where at least one of the roads is a state-maintained road cannot be signalized until NCDOT finds that the signal is warranted and permits the design and installation to proceed. Traffic signals are traffic control devices and do not necessarily reduce or prevent crashes. In some cases, installation of a new traffic signal or changes to an existing signal may actually result in an increase in crashes, although it may change the types of crashes occurring most often. Traffic signals are primarily intended to reduce delays for high volumes of traffic on conflicting approaches over extended periods of time that could not otherwise be managed efficiently by stop signs.

Traffic Signal Preemption

The Town of Apex maintains preemption equipment within traffic signals at select locations to prioritize emergency vehicles. Preemption provides a green light to the prioritized movement as intended to aid emergency response efforts.

School Zone Time of Day Flashing Beacons

The Town of Apex maintains most of the school zone time of day flashing beacons within corporate limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction. These beacons are placed along routes where school zones have been established to warn drivers of school activity during school start and end times. They operate in a flashing pattern for a set duration before and after the school bell times. Adjustments are made to the times of operation for special events when staff are notified by the school system. Otherwise, the school calendar is programmed in advance. Town of Cary maintains some of the beacons found along the border of corporate limits.

Crosswalk Flashing Beacons

The Town of Apex maintains all crosswalk flashing beacons within corporate limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction.  Rectangular rapid flash beacons (RRFBs) are used as warning devices for vehicular traffic at select pedestrian crosswalks. When activated, the beacons flash in a wig wag pattern, enhancing pedestrian visibility by alerting drivers on the road of their presence. RRFBs are not traffic signals, and are not intended to stop vehicular traffic at a pedestrian crossing. North Carolina law dictates that drivers are required to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk, however it is the responsibility of the pedestrian to gauge a safe crossing opportunity.  All crosswalk beacons in Apex are push button activated.