Water Quality

Report a Water or Sewer Emergency

Report water or sewer emergency for your home or business 24/7 to (919) 362-8166. 

NoteCall the town first and let us investigate the problem. We will advise you if it is a town issue, or if you need to call a plumber to make the repairs.

Water Quality Services

The Water Quality section of the Water & Sewer Operations division performs the following functions and services:

  • Testing (Water Quality & Water Meters) 
  • Hydrant and valve inspections and maintenance
  • Bulk Water (Hydrant Meter Rental & Bulk Water Hook-up)
  • For information on the Water & Sewer Final Inspection for certificate of occupancy approval, please visit the Contractor/Builder Service Requests and Inspections page.


The Town of Apex maintains over 254 miles of waterline and serves over 17,000 households. Drinking water for the Town of Apex is produced from Jordan Lake and processed at a treatment plant that is co-owned with the Town of Cary. 

Jordan Lake

The water plant is located 6 miles from Jordan Lake, which is part of the Cape Fear River basin. The lake was created to control flooding, improve flow downstream, provide recreation, and supply water regionally.


Visit the online utilities map to search and view water, sewer, electric service locations. The following documents will provide you with more information regarding water in the Town of Apex: