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1. What hours is fishing allowed?
2. Is a fish license required?
3. How can I reserve a Picnic Shelter?
4. How can I report a problem in the park?
5. Is boating allowed?
6. Is alcohol allowed in the parks?
7. Where are the dog park located?
8. Do you hold open gym?
9. What is the missed class policy?
10. What is the registration process?
11. Is there a waiting list for your programs?
12. What payment methods are accepted?
13. What is your refund and registration policy?
14. Where are your games located?
15. How are practices scheduled?
16. How are returning players handled?
17. How are uniforms handled?
18. Where can I find a copy of the Program Guide?
19. How do I rent an athletics field?
20. How do I apply for a part-time job with the Parks Department?
21. Where do I find more information about the Halle Cultural Arts Center?
22. Where do I find out more about special events?
23. What are the age cut off dates for Parks Programs?
24. How do I determine residency?
25. What are the age requirements for T-ball and Pop Warner Football?
26. What are Team Placement Tryouts?
27. Where do I find information about cancellations due to inclement weather?
28. How do I volunteer to coach?