Geographic Information Services (GIS)

GIS enhances the Information Technology Services (ITS) Department’s vision to provide technology through a safe and secure environment, by ensuring mapping technology to securely connect, collaborate, and innovate.

GIS provides storage, maintenance, licensing, training, and other mapping/spatial/analytic services to support the Town and staff, consistent with the mission of ITS. GIS can also deliver the Town’s mapping data for use by citizens, the development community, and other governmental agencies with online applications or by completing a request form.

Online property searches within Apex or anywhere in Wake County may also be performed by using Wake County’s iMAPS online application. (iMAPS searches do not require a request form.)

Town Limits & ETJ PDF


Watersheds & Buffers PDF


Wastewater System PDF

Utility Systems Map thumbnail

Stormwater Control Measures

Stormwater Control Measures Map thumbnail

Town-Owned Property

Town-Owned Property Map thumbnail

Below is a sample list of other GIS information available to developers & citizens. Our data follows Wake County Mapping Standards: State Plane Coordinates, NAD83, feet. Please complete the GIS Disclaimer / Request Form to receive GIS information.

Apex GIS Data

Name Format Delivery
Digital Terrain Model ESRI File Geodatabase ZIP (by request)
LiDAR ESRI File Geodatabase ZIP (by request)
Soils ESRI Shapefiles or DXF ZIP (by request)
Topography ESRI Shapefile or DXF ZIP (by request)