September 29, 2016 Meeting

Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting

Our first Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting was held on September 29, 2016 at the Halle Cultural Arts Center. The Town Council answered questions from those in attendance. Take a look at the videos below to hear Council's thoughts on issues like growth, economic development, recreational facilities, and more.

Question 1

What is the plan for catching up issuing permits for development that has been approved?

Question 2

The last election reflected a desire for slower growth. Certainly a more balanced approach given our # 1 designation would be in order, why then does it seem our elected officials have ignored this and have instead done a 180 degree turn? The argument it was in the pipeline is now old, do you realize what you are doing to this town?

Question 3

As Apex grows, it is inevitable that the Town will go through changes. Many of these changes are exciting but there is always the fear that they will alter what we love about Apex and what many of us feel make it such a special place to live. Can you share some of your thoughts about what you think makes Apex so special as it is today and what your priorities and efforts are for ensuring those areas are protected against too much change? How do you intend to preserve the special parts of Apex as everything around us changes?

Question 4

The town continues to have wonderful events in downtown Apex bringing in much needed revenue to all the retailers. However, there are few places to park frustrating many visitors who will probably never come back as a result. Without sufficient parking to support events and the retail shop businesses I fear empty storefronts will be in the future. What comments do the town leaders have regarding improved downtown parking?

Question 5

Could the timers on festive holiday lights downtown be adjusted this year to allow for early-morning walkers/joggers to enjoy the lights? Two years ago I enjoyed the lights during early morning walks, last year the lights were on timers that turned them off before morning and I was disappointed to never enjoy the lights during my morning walks.

Question 6

With the expanding number of housing developments in Apex and the greater RTP area, there is a fear of a potential housing bubble if there is any restriction to the number of people moving into the area. Hiw is the council prepared to deal with the issues and risks of so many new housing developments? Are there plans or preparations to mitigate the risks inherent in prodicing such a large volume of homes so quickly?

Question 7

There's been a lot of discussion recently about growing the commercial tax base and bringing in new jobs by adding quality Office and Industrial projects. What is the Town proactively doing to secure sites or add infrastructure to guarantee its success in the very competitive business of Economic Development?

Question 8

The Steering Committee provided recommendations for the new "Senior Wing" the first of June, 2016 to Town Council for review and approval and, as one of the committee members, would appreciate an update on the council's review status.

Does the Town Council plan on providing future funding and temporary facilities to the Apex Community Center to accommodate the population growth and it's demand/usuage of the current center?

Question 9

I have heard the monies spent on the senior center addition did not produce favorable results? If true why and what is your next course of action for expanding senior facilities?
The seniors have been asking for an addition for over 2 years, what is the current status of the Senior Center on the Town Campus?

Question 10

Apex is in desperate need of a splash pad! Our town is so vibrant and family friendly but we currently have to drive to Fuquay or the new splash pad in Cary. As a former construction manager I would be happy to volunteer my time to assist in gathering community support and feedback as well as design and construction. I truly hope you will consider the benefits!

Question 11

Are there any plans to widen or improve Olive Chapel Road to handle significant traffic increase due to new housing developments?

Question 12

Can you share information about the 2030 Land Use Plan and how it's incorporated into decisions made in each board, staff and council decisions relating to the growth and development of the town?