Will my key card work at both dog parks?
The purchase of a dog park pass entitles the user access to both the Hunter Street and Nature Park Dog Parks with a single key card.

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1. What’s the scoop on poop?
2. Will my key card work at both dog parks?
3. Will the park be periodically sprayed for fleas?
4. What happens when a key card expires?
5. Which section should my dog use?
6. Does the Town offer day passes?
7. How is resident versus non-resident status determined when issuing key cards?
8. What is the estimated acreage of the large small dog areas?
9. Is it acceptable to leave my pet in the park and leave the fenced area?
10. Why don’t I get two key cards with a multi-dog pass?
11. What happens if I lose my key card or it’s stolen?
12. Why does the TOA charge for use of the Dog Park?
13. What should I do in the event of a dog bite?
14. What should I do if I see problems with other park users and their dogs or witness other problems / acts that are not permitted at the park?
15. I have 3 or more dogs I would like to register, but the application only has space for 2 dogs. How do I register additional dogs?