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Starting a Business in the Town of Apex (Powerpoint presentation) 

Rezonings, Site Plans, and Special Use Permits
(for new building locations)  
Small Town Character Overlay District
(for businesses located in downtown Apex)
Certificates of Zoning Compliance
(for existing building locations, existing shopping centers, etc.)
Zoning Compliance
  • Steve Yates, (919) 249-3333: Zoning Compliance and Landscape Supervisor  
Development Plans/ Site Civil Construction Plans, Water and Sewer Permitting, Infrastructure Bonding
GIS (Geographic Information Services)
  • Steve Nelson, (919) 249-3311: GIS Analyst Building Permits and Fees  
Building Plan Review
  • Rudy Baker, (919) 249-3381: Plans and Permits Supervisor  
Building Inspections
  • Rudy Baker, (919) 249-3381: Code Enforcement Supervisor
  • Anne Brock, (919) 249-3384: Senior Permit Specialist 
  • Utility Accounts: Main Number: (919) 362-8676 
Fire  Public Works