Town Legislative Agenda

Cities and towns in North Carolina operate by the authority granted to them through laws passed in the NC General Assembly. From time to time, laws are introduced that municipalities may not feel are in their best interest. In response, many municipalities adopt and submit to lawmakers a legislative agenda that outlines their concerns.

The items below are included in the 2015 Town of Apex legislative agenda. Some items have associated bills that have been introduced in the NC Senate or House of Representatives. You can track the progress of these bills on the NC General Assembly's website.

Your support as a resident of Apex is important. We encourage residents to reach out to your representatives to ask them to act in the best interest of your town. Contact info for each representative is listed at the bottom of this page.

  1. Protect municipal authority to provide land use regulation within the extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) in order to promote orderly development and facilitate economic development of urbanizing areas. (House Bill 51)
  2. Protect municipal authority to regulate the aesthetics of residential and commercial development through zoning applications in order to promote attractive neighborhoods and maintain property values. (House Bill 36, Senate Bill 25)
  3. Protect municipal authority to operate and control local water and sewer systems within and beyond municipal corporate limits to protect the orderly growth and efficient operation of these utility systems.
  4. Protect local municipal authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing, mining activity, and other land disturbing activities particularly in proximity to residential neighborhoods.(House Bill 51)
  5. Support legislation to reinstate the Jordan Lake Rules.
  6. The State Historic Tax Credit program expired on December 31, 2014. The Town of Apex supports the re-introduction of this valuable historic preservation and economic development program. (House Bill 152, Senate Bill 287)
  7. The Town opposes legislation that would prevent municipalities from charging re-inspection fees for building code inspections. (House Bill 255)
  8. Support legislation that creates stricter control over sweepstakes parlors, gaming machines, and gambling.
  9. Support a stricter texting-while-driving law that removes exceptions and impediments to prosecution while reinforcing the danger of distracted driving.
  10. Support legislation that provides each child with access to quality, well-funded schools where educators have what they need to serve the community in an environment where students, faculty, and staff feel safe to focus on the educational process.
  11. Support continuation and full funding for both the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund and Clean Water Management Trust Fund which are critical to the protection of the environment and the continued high quality of life for the citizens of North Carolina.
  12. Support the NC Department of Commerce request that the Jobs Development Investment Grant (JDIG) be re-authorized for another five years and that its cap be raised to accommodate both near and long-term opportunities to facilitate job growth. (House Bill 117)
  13. Encourage and support legislation that extends authority under NCGS 160-239 to impose Special Assessments to meet infrastructure needs. (Senate Bill 284)
  14. The Town supports any and all efforts to allocate additional funding to relieve congestion in metropolitan areas. (Senate Bill 20)
  15. We encourage policies and legislative efforts that provide support to residents who earn low to moderate incomes.
  16. The Town opposes any and all efforts to reallocate or amend the current sales tax distribution method.
  17. The Town supports the creation of an Energy Trust Fund to provide for grants to municipalities for energy conservation and renewable energy installations.
  18. The Town opposes legislation that thwarts municipal efforts to maintain the visual appeal of our communities by restricting our ability to regulate billboards. (House Bill 304, Senate Bill 320)

Contact Your Legislators
House Members

Representative Nelson Dollar
District 36 

Representative Paul Stam
Speaker Pro Tempore
District 37 

Representative Gale Adcock
District 41
Senate Members

Senator Tamara Barringer
District 17 
(919) 733-5653

Senator Josh Stein
District 16
(919) 715-6400
Or use the General Assembly's "Who Represents Me?" tool.