A greenway is a linear park, a non-motorized transportation route, or an open space conservation area that provides passive recreational activities, pedestrian trails, and/or bicycle trails.

Greenways connect residential areas with public parks, public libraries, and other destination points. Greenways are typically constructed as new development occurs; however, some greenway projects are implemented specifically by the Town. As planned several of the Town's greenways will connect to the American Tobacco Trail, which is a 30 mile Rails-to-Trails project that stretches from the Eno River in Durham to Bonsal, near the Chatham/Wake County line.

Additional Information
For more information on the location of current and future greenways, please see the Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Equestrian Plan Map (PDF). Recreational information, as well as the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Map, can be found in the Apex Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources section of this website. For more information on the American Tobacco Trail, visit the Triangle Rails-to-Trails website.