Corporate & Non-Profit Groups

Corporate Rentals
The Halle may be an historic building, but we offer all the modern technology you need to support corporate seminars, retreats, training sessions, workshops, and other meetings. Or loosen your ties and book us for your next company party!

Non-Profit Rentals
The Halle is available to non-profit organizations, civic groups, and religious groups at a reduced rate.
If you are a non-profit group and have obtained 501c3 tax documentation, you may be eligible for a discount off of select rented items. 
We understand the importance of and welcome these groups. We offer 3 different spaces to fit each unique need.

Rental Rates

If you are interested in seeing our rental rates then please view out Rental Form (PDF).

Room Allocation

Auditorium150/chairs OR 100/tables & chairs OR 175/standing room
Studio Gallery40/chairs OR 32/tables & chairs
Studio A25/chairs OR 15/tables & chairs

Additional Information

Call (919) 249-1120 and schedule a tour of the Halle!