Post-Construction Stormwater Management

Minimum Control Measure (MCM) 5
The purpose of the 5th MCM is to effectively manage post-construction stormwater discharges to the town’s MS4. This includes both structural and non-structural Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Non-Structural BMPs
Non-structural BMPs are passive with the goal of reducing pollution in stormwater runoff by reducing the opportunity for the runoff to be exposed to pollutants in the 1st place.
Small body of water surrounded by sloping land, trees, and rocks along one embankment.
Structural BMPs
Structural BMPs refer to engineered structures designed to:
  • Promote groundwater recharge
  • Provide flood control
  • Reduce downstream erosion
  • Remove pollutants from stormwater runoff
Runoff Control Program
The post-construction runoff control program applies to new developments that disturb an acre or more of land, including projects less than 1 acre that are part of a larger common plan of development. The program is designed to control stormwater runoff from new development sites and to ensure long term operation and maintenance of structural BMPs.

More Information
Please refer to the Stormwater BMPs page for more information on BMPs in Apex.