Visual Art Exhibits

Current Show:
Opening Reception: Friday, May 5, 6-8pm
Show Runs: May 5 - June 9 

An estimated 30 artists from over 12 Latin American countries will contribute to our annual exhibit, which coincides with the annual Latino Arts Festival on Saturday, June 3rd . This show exhibits the beauty and bold colors and scenes that are typical of Latino culture. Artists from the local community participate. They feature portraiture, landscapes, still life and mixed media. The exhibit has evolved in scope and variety each year since 2010.
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Upcoming Shows:


Opening Reception: Friday, June 16, 6-8pm 
Show Runs: June 16-July 21 

Budding young artists will show works depicting the theme North Carolina State of Mind. Offsetting their collection will be that of their instructor and local artist Jenny Eggleston. Her work is also featured in fine arts scenes in Durham and Raleigh, including Artspace downtown. Eggleston consistently dreams outside the box for her studio’s themes. She draws out of her young students impressive and imaginative pieces. This one is sure to delight and inspire both artist and art enthusiast alike, as well as anyone who happens on Egg in Nest’s next fun project.


Opening Reception: Friday, July 28, 6-8pm 
Show Runs: July 28-September 1 

The local chapter of WSNC returns with new work to the Halle after a year-and-ahalf: Watercolors in a multitude of shades and styles. Large and small—always fresh— landscapes, still lifes, and portraiture will fill the gallery. Some take on a traditional air of the watercolor medium. Others surprise the observer with a formalized and definitive construct of the typically freeflowing technique. WCSNC is 45 years old this year, originally organized in 1972 by artist-businessman A. Stuffer Myers from Lexington. The society grew from its original 18 members to a current membership of almost 500.

Interested in showcasing your artwork with us or know of a group or artist who would love to be shown at our gallery? If so then please contact Mimi Vincent via email and download the documents in the quick links.