Transportation Projects


Any questions regarding current and / or past transportation projects should be referred to Adam Stephenson. You can contact him via email or phone at 919-249-3417.

Apex Peakway Southwest Connector

Lead Agency: Town of Apex

The Apex Peakway is planned to serve as a loop around the Town of Apex.  The Southwest Connector project would complete a missing gap in the loop at South Salem Street by constructing a bridge over South Salem Street and the CSX railroad tracks.  The project would require the permanent closure of the existing at-grade railroad crossing along Tingen Road, east of the project location.

A public open house for the preliminary design was held on December 15, 2016.  Materials from the open house are available below: 

Status:  Design in progress

Estimated completion:  2019

Evans Road Sidewalk

  • Lead Agency:  Town of Apex
  • Estimated Project Cost:  $400,000
  • Status:  Easement acquisition in progress
  • Estimated Completion:  Spring 2017
  • Vicinity Map (not the final drawings)
Sidewalk to be extended from Milano Avenue to Humie Olive Road (Apex Friendship High School/future Middle School).

Kelly Road / Olive Chapel Road Operational Improvements (U-5118 AF)

  • Lead Agency: Town of Apex
  • Estimated Project Cost:  $750,000 (includes federal participation)
  • Status:  Construction in progress
  • Estimated Completion:  May 2017
  • Proposed Pavement Markings 
Adding turn lanes at the intersection of Kelly Road at Olive Chapel Road and extending sidewalk along the west side of Kelly Road from Evening Star Drive to Olive Chapel Road.

NC55 Operational Improvements (U-5118 AE)

Adding turn lanes on Apex Peakway approaching NC 55 and Olive Chapel Road.

Lake Pine Drive Improvements (U-5537)

  • Lead Agency: Town of Apex
  • Estimated Project Cost:  $2,100,000 (includes federal & Town of Cary participation)
  • Status:  Right of way acquisition pending
  • Estimated Completion:  December 2017
  • Project Map (PDF)
Planning, design, and right of way acquisition to allow future expansion of Lake Pine Drive to a three-lane roadway with bicycle and pedestrian facilities at Apex Community Park. 


I40-440 Rebuild (Fortify NC)

The project, which is part of a 10-year mobility plan, requires rebuilding 11.5 miles of roadway in the southern section of I-40/440.

NC 540 Southeast Extension

The proposed Southeast Extension would extend the Triangle Expressway and complete the Raleigh Outer Loop (I-540).