Administrative Division

The Administrative Division contains the Support Services Unit which is comprised of the Community Policing Specialists, School Resource Officers and School Crossing Guards, Professional Standards Unit, and Property and Evidence.
  1. Citizens Assisting Police in Apex (CAPA)

    Learn about the Citizens Assisting Police in Apex program and how they help out with non-criminal, essential duties.

  2. Citizens Academy

    Learn how to be a part of the Citizens Academy in Apex and familiarize yourself with the operations of the department in a 12-week course.

  3. Community Policing

    Community Policing is a collaborative effort between a police department and community that identifies problems of crime and disorder.

  4. Professional Standards

    Explore how the Professional Standards Unit of the Apex Police Department makes sure all the employees conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  5. Property & Evidence

    The Property and Evidence Unit has the responsibility of receiving, documenting, storing and maintaining the integrity and security of all items of property and evidence submitted by the Apex Police Department.

  6. Recruitment

    Find out how to apply for a position on the Apex Police Department.

  7. School Resource Officers

    Learn about the School Resource Officers assigned to the middle school as well as the high school to make sure every student is learning in a safe environment in Apex, North Carolina.