Preparedness & Action Plans

  1. Earthquake

    Follow the provided steps in this page in order to stay safe in the case of an earthquake.

  2. Fire

    Find out what you need to do to keep you and your family safe in case of a fire.

  3. Flood

    Find out how to stay safe during a flood.

  4. Hazardous Materials Incident

    If you spill or are exposed to hazardous materials then please follow the provided steps to ensure safety.

  5. Hurricane

    Learn how to be prepared in the case of a hurricane.

  6. Lightning

    Know how to keep safe from lightning when it strikes.

  7. Tornado / Downbursts

    Prepare yourself for an emergency involving a tornado or strong downburst.

  8. Wild Land Fire

    Be aware of how to react to a wild land fire in order to keep yourself safe.

  9. Winter Storm

    Be prepared for a severe winter storm by learning the tips provided on this page.