Engineering Specifications

The following Standard Specifications and Standard Details are to be utilized as minimum standards for all roadway and utility construction within the jurisdiction of the Town of Apex. These standards supersede all previous editions and all amendments previously issued by the Town of Apex.

Last Revisions Adopted: May 5, 2020 (Summary of Revisions (PDF))

Cover Page (PDF)
Table of Contents (PDF)
Section 100 (PDF)Preliminary Considerations & Instructions
Section 200 (PDF)General Provisions
Section 300 (PDF)Streets
Section 400 (PDF)Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control
Section 500 (PDF)Storm Drainage
Section 600 (PDF)Water Distribution
Section 620 (PDF)Cross Connection Control
Section 700 (PDF)Sanitary Sewers
Section 800 (PDF)Wastewater Pumping Stations & Force Mains

Standard Details - Overall
Table of Contents (PDF)  
Section 200 PDFDWG
Section 300 PDF
Section 400 PDF
Section 500 PDF
Section 600 PDF
Section 620 PDF
Section 700 PDF
Section 800 PDFDWG

Section 200 - General Provisions  

 Std. #Sheet #DescriptionPDFDWG
 200.011/1Underground Electrical Service ConnectionPDF
 200.021/2Dumpster PadPDFDWG
2/2Dumpster Pad
1/1Greenway Typical Sections
 200.061/1Greenway SignagePDFDWG

Section 300 - Streets

Std. #Sheet #DescriptionPDFDWG
300.011/4Street Typical Sections (Residential)PDFDWG
300.012/4Street Typical Sections (Collector/2-Lane Thoroughfare)PDFDWG
300.013/4Street Typical Sections (3&6-Lane Thoroughfare)PDFDWG
300.014/4Street Typical Sections (4-Lane Thoroughfare)PDFDWG
300.031/1Concrete Curb & GutterPDFDWG
300.041/1Method of Removing Existing CurbPDFDWG
300.051/1Method of Ending CurbPDFDWG
300.061/1Curb DrainPDFDWG
300.071/1Driveway ApronPDFDWG
300.081/1Concrete SidewalkPDFDWG
300.091/3Curb RampPDFDWG
300.092/3Curb RampPDFDWG
300.093/3Curb RampPDFDWG
300.101/1Street Cross Section Showing Utility LocationsPDFDWG
300.111/2Conduit Crossing for Driveways & SidewalksPDFDWG
300.112/2Conduit Crossing for Driveways & SidewalksPDFDWG
300.121/1Shoulder Section Without SidewalkPDFDWG
300.131/1Trench & Pavement Repair SectionsPDFDWG
300.141/1Street Geometric StandardsPDFDWG
300.151/1Barricade for Dead End RoadsPDFDWG
300.161/1Pavement Widening Taper & MarkingsPDFDWG
300.171/1Speed HumpPDFDWG
300.181/1Speed Table - Elevated CrosswalkPDFDWG
300.191/1Hi-Visibility (mid-block) CrosswalkPDFDWG
300.201/1Bicycle ParkingPDFDWG
300.211/1Median Island Traffic Calming DevicePDFDWG
300.221/1Neckdown Traffic Calming DevicePDFDWG
300.231/1Neighborhood Traffic Mini-CirclePDFDWG
300.241/1Fire Lane Pavement MarkingPDFDWG
300.251/1Stub Street Turn-AroundPDFDWG
300.261/4Street Signs - GeneralPDFDWG
300.262/4Street Signs - Placement & InstallationPDFDWG
300.263/4Street Signs - 3/8-inch Bolt HolesPDFDWG
300.264/4Street Signs - Breakaway Sign InstallationPDFDWG
300.271/1Right-in / Right-out Channelized IslandPDFDWG
300.281/1Driveway GradesPDFDWG
300.291/1Single-lane RoundaboutPDFDWG
300.301/1Aggregate Shoulder DrainPDFDWG
300.311/1Subdivision EntrancePDFDWG

Section 400 - Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control

Std. #Sheet #DescriptionPDFDWG
400.011/2Temporary Silt FencePDFDWG
400.012/2Temporary Silt Fence    
400.021/1Temporary Silt Fence OutletPDFDWG
400.031/1Catch Basin Riser / FilterPDFDWG
400.041/1Catch Basin & Yard Inlet ProtectionPDFDWG
400.051/1Check DamPDFDWG
400.061/2Construction EntrancePDFDWG
400.062/2Construction EntrancePDFDWG
400.071/1Diversion DitchPDFDWG
400.081/1Block & Gravel Drop Inlet ProtectionPDFDWG
400.091/1Gravel & Rip Rap Horseshoe Inlet Basin for Existing Pipe InvertsPDFDWG
400.101/1Pipe Inlet Protection (Plywood & Stone)PDFDWG
400.111/2Temporary Stream CrossingPDFDWG
400.112/2Temporary Stream CrossingPDFDWG
400.121/1Riser Barrel Sediment BasinPDFDWG
400.131/2Skimmer Sediment BasinsPDFDWG
400.132/2Skimmer Sediment BasinsPDFDWG
400.141/1Skimmer DetailPDFDWG
400.151/1Rip Rap Lined ChannelsPDFDWG
400.161/1Temporary Silt DitchPDFDWG
400.171/1Temporary Slope DrainPDFDWG
400.181/1Pipe OutletPDFDWG
400.191/1Inlet Sediment Control DevicePDFDWG
400.201/1Temporary Concrete WashoutPDF
400.221/1Filter Bag With Gravel Pad
400.231/1Temporary Pump AroundPDF

Section 500 - Storm Drainage

Std. #Sheet #DescriptionPDFDWG
500.011/1Yard Inlet w/ ConcretePDFDWG
500.021/1Yard Inlet w/ Grate & FramePDFDWG
500.031/1Grate Placement Detail for Catch BasinsPDFDWG
500.041/1Block Catch Basin DetailPDFDWG
500.051/1Precast Batch Basin DetailPDFDWG
500.061/1Precast Manhole Junction BoxPDFDWG
500.071/3Median Curb InletPDFDWG
500.072/3Median Curb InletPDFDWG
500.073/3Median Curb InletPDFDWG
500.081/1Frame Detail for Catch BasinsPDFDWG
500.091/1Storm Drain Pipe Bedding & BackfillingPDFDWG

Section 600 - Water Distribution

Std. #Sheet #DescriptionPDFDWG
600.011/23/4" & 1" Water Service & Meter BoxPDFDWG
600.012/23/4" & 1" Water Service & Meter BoxPDFDWG
600.021/11-1/2" & 2" Meter Installation & VaultPDFDWG
600.031/23" & Larger Meter Installation & VaultPDFDWG
600.032/23" & Larger Meter Installation & VaultPDFDWG
600.041/1Blow-Off AssemblyPDFDWG
600.051/1Hydrant InstallationPDFDWG
600.061/1Hydrant LocationPDFDWG
600.071/1Yard Hydrant (non-freeze)PDFDWG
600.081/1Valve Box InstallationPDFDWG
600.091/1Valve CoverPDFDWG
600.101/1Capping DetailPDFDWG
600.111/1Thrust Collar InstallationPDFDWG
600.121/1Air Release Manhole for Water MainsPDFDWG
600.131/1Reaction BlockingPDFDWG
600.141/1Multiple Branch ServicesPDFDWG
600.151/1Valve Box Marker for Unpaved AreasPDFDWG
600.161/1Tapping Sleeve & Post Indicator ValvePDFDWG
600.171/1Butterfly Valve with 5’ Manhole EncasementPDFDWG
600.181/1Bore & Jack DetailPDFDWG
600.191/1Sprinkler Riser & Fire Department ConnectionPDFDWG
600.201/1Curb Side Fire Department ConnectionPDFDWG
600.211/1Water Main Pipe BackfillingPDFDWG

Section 620 - Cross Connection Control

Std. #Sheet #DescriptionPDFDWG
620.011/2Typical Service & Irrigation ConnectionsPDFDWG
620.012/2Typical Service & Irrigation ConnectionsPDFDWG
620.021/2Typical Fire Connections - CommercialPDFDWG
620.022/2Typical Fire Connections - ResidentialPDFDWG
620.031/13/4" to 2" Residential & Commercial Irrigation Backflow AssemblyPDFDWG
620.041/13/4" to 2" Commercial Outdoor Backflow AssemblyPDFDWG
620.051/13/4" to 2" Commercial Indoor Backflow AssemblyPDFDWG
620.061/1Commercial Outdoor Backflow Assembly (greater or equal to 3")PDFDWG
620.071/1Commercial Indoor Backflow Assembly (greater or equal to 3")PDFDWG
620.081/1Yard FDCPDFDWG
620.091/1Hotbox VUVD FDCPDFDWG
620.101/1Hotbox Inline FDCPDFDWG

Section 700 - Sanitary Sewers

Std. #Sheet #DescriptionPDFDWG
700.011/1Sanitary Sewer Pipe Bedding & BackfillingPDFDWG
700.021/1Sanitary Sewer Tap & ServicePDFDWG
700.031/1Sanitary Sewer Service ConnectionsPDFDWG
700.041/3Precast ManholePDFDWG
700.042/3Precast ManholePDFDWG
700.043/3Precast ManholePDFDWG
700.051/2Manhole Ring & Cover (Paved Areas)PDFDWG
700.052/2Manhole Ring & Cover for Watertight Manholes (Non-Traffic Only)PDFDWG
700.061/2Manhole Ring & Cover EncasementPDFDWG
700.062/2Manhole Ring & Cover EncasementPDFDWG
700.071/1Drop ManholePDFDWG
700.081/1Drop Manhole for Sewer ServicePDFDWG
700.091/1Air Release Manhole for Sanitary Sewer Force MainsPDFDWG
700.101/14" Sanitary Sewer Tap & Service for Sewer Mains Over 13’ DeepPDFDWG
700.111/1High Velocity Manhole InvertPDFDWG
700.121/1Doghouse Manhole Installation Over Existing Sewer MainPDFDWG
700.131/1Manhole VentPDFDWG
700.141/1Cleanout Cover for Vehicle Traffic AreasPDFDWG
700.151/1Concrete Encasement for Stream CrossingPDFDWG
700.161/1Sanitary Sewer Plug InstallationPDFDWG
700.171/1Sanitary Sewer EasementPDFDWG

Section 800 - Wastewater Pumping Stations & Force Mains

 Std. #Sheet #DescriptionPDFDWG
 800.011/1Force Main Tracer Wire                                                                   PDFDWG