Infrastructure Inspections

Contact Eric Battle to schedule a pre-construction meeting for your project.  Please review the Utility and Roadway Inspection Scheduling Requirements for Contractors document to learn more about requirements for scheduling and testing Infrastructure Inspections.  

Inspection Fees

Type of Inspection
Fee Amount
Water Lines $1.30 Per Linear Foot
Sewer Lines $1.30 Per Linear Foot
New Streets  $0.75 Per Square Yard
Curb and Gutter (Public)
$1.50 Per Linear Foot
Storm Drains $1.30 Per Linear Foot
Fire Lanes $0.75 Per Square Yard
Sidewalks/Multi-Use Paths $1.80 Per Square Yard
Driveway (Residential)
$75.00 Inspection Fee - Includes 1 Reinspection
Infill/Outparcel Lots
$350.00 Per Lot