Building Inspections & Permitting


Please check out our Publications Page to view our latest brochures "Guide to Planning and Constructing an Attached or Self-Supported Deck" and "Learn How to Create a Plot Plan Utilizing Wake County's iMAPS Feature".

Notice of Inspection Changes

Effective September 5, 2016, the Town of Apex will no longer perform the following inspections:  

Concealed Insulation Inspections
The air barrier required in concealed areas will be inspected during rough-in inspection. Any code deficiencies found related to the insulation/air barriers will be corrected and may required the removal of tubs, showers, etc.

Brick or Stone Veneer Inspections
All lintels that are required to be bolted to the framing for support shall not be covered by any exterior wall covering before approval. The bolted lintels will be inspected during the rough-in inspection.

For Concealed Insulation and Brick or Stone Veneer Inspections the effective date for the above are for framing inspections on or after September 5th NOT the date the permit was issued.

Conditional Power and Mechanical Inspections
These inspections will only be performed upon request by the contractor. If you want to schedule these inspections the Conditional Utility Request form must be completed and on file at the Permits desk. 

These inspections will not be scheduled unless the applicable inspections listed above the conditional inspections on the permit card have been approved. 

The Conditional Power and Mechanical Inspections will be based on the date the permit is issued. Conditional Power and Mechanical inspections are optional for permits issued on or after September 5, 2016.  

Next Day Inspection Requests

In order to continue providing a high level of customer service, it has become necessary to change the cut-off time for next day inspection requests.  Effective May 9, 2016 inspection requests must be received by 2:00 p.m. on our Inspection Request Line (919) 249-3388. This will provide staff sufficient time to manage the increasingly high volume of requests.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Primary Responsibilities


  • Enforce North Carolina State Building Codes as required by General Statute and adopted by the Building Code Council
  • Perform field inspections
  • Provide answers to questions pertaining to state and local codes and ordinances related to the building construction industry
  • Review and approval of structural building plans

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing the best service possible by way of prompt and courteous responses to the needs of those requiring the services of our inspection division. Our commitment extends to continually expanding our technical knowledge and to the modification of our procedures to best serve the building community and the citizens of the Town of Apex.

ePermits Website               

The Building Permits Department is pleased to introduce a new link on our website for contractors and homeowners currently doing business with the Town of Apex.  Please click the ePermits Website on the Logo above to access the Public Search or Contractor Access portal.
Questions about ePermits should be emailed to Anne Brock


You will not be able to apply for permits but will be able to check permit and/or inspection results. Please click the ePermits Website on the Logo above to access the Contractor Access portal.  Registration is required in order to get inspection and/or permit results.  If you have not accessed the website before, please view the ePermits instructions.

Lien Agent Note

Effective April 1, 2013, North Carolina General Assembly Session Law 2012-158 (PDF) requires all permit applicants to include information of the property owner’s designated Lien Agent obtained from with the building permit application.