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General System Information

The Town of Apex shares B. Everett Jordan Reservoir, as our water source. The water is treated at our Cary/Apex Water Treatment Facility and reliably delivered through over 320 miles of water mains and 270 miles of sewer mains.

The Town’s water system consists of pipes ranging from 8-inches to 30-inches and three elevated water tanks – the 500,000 gallon Mason Tank, the 1,000,000 gallon Hunter Tank, and the 1,500,000 gallon Tingen Tank.

The Town’s sewer system consists of a collection system of pipes ranging from 8-inches to 36-inches. A total of 32 pump stations throughout Town assist the gravity system to send wastewater to one of two Wastewater Treatment Facilities. The Town of Apex WRF has a capacity to treat 3.6 million gallons per day (MGD). The remainder flows to the Western Wake Regional Wastewater Management Facility, which has a capacity to treat 18 MGD and is shared with the Town of Cary.

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Standard Details and Specifications

Water and wastewater related specifications and standard details can be found here. These specifications and details must be used on all water and sewer related projects in conjunction with all applicable State and Federal guidelines. Please reference 15A NCAC 02t and 15A NCAC 18c for additional guidance and requirements.

If you have questions or comments regarding specifications or details related to water or wastewater, please contact Mike Deaton at (919) 249-3413 or michael.deaton@apexnc.org.


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