Cash Corporate Center

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2100 Production Drive 

Apex, NC 27539

The Highlights:

121-acre site located in Apex, North Carolina (a suburb of Raleigh). Zoned Light Industrial, Cash Corporate Center is uniquely positioned between US-1 and NC-540, just south of the existing Pinnacle Business Park. In August 2018, the site was designated as a Smart Site by Electricities NC and a North Carolina Certified Site by the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina.

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  2. Proximity Details
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  4. Infrastructure

Cash Site website map August 2021Site Address: 2100 Production Drive, Apex, NC 27539
PIN Number: 751137742 

Allowable Uses at Cash Corporate Center:

  • Brewery
  • Microbrewery
  • Broadcasting Station (radio and television)
  • Microdistillery
  • Distillery Office, business or professional
  • Dry cleaning and dyeing plant
  • Pilot plant
  • Government Service
  • Radio and television recording studio
  • Heliport or Helipad
  • Regional Recreation complex
  • Laboratory, industrial research
  • Research facility
  • Laundry plant
  • Security or Caretaker quarters
  • Machine or welding shop
  • Transportation Facility
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Utility, minor
  • Medical or dental laboratory
  • Wholesaling, general
  • Medical or dental office or clinic
  • Woodworking or cabinetmaking

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