Engineer Inspection Report Procedure, eff. 12/7/17

Third party inspections MUST  meet the following requirements:

  • The letter must be sealed, signed and dated.
  • The letter must state the lot and subdivision or address of where the inspection was made.
  • The letter must state the date the inspection was done.
  • The letter must state it matches the Town approved plans or inspected using the Town approved plans.
  • The letter must state that the inspection is in conformance (Not: appears to be or in general conformance with) with the requirements of the current code (i.e. 2012 North Carolina Residential Code) and any manufactures installation instructions (i.e. I-joist manufacture, roof truss manufacture, or structural beam manufacture)
  • The letter must state any deficiencies, if any, and state what corrective action is required.
  • The letter must list the specific applicable code sections used for the inspection.
  • If a Rough-in inspection is done the engineer must specify what components are included (i.e. Roof trusses, wall bracing, floor system, headers, walls etc.). If they choose to look at the “framing” this will include all the firestopping and everything listed in section 107.1.5 of the 2012 North Carolina Administrative Code.