Water Quality

NOTE: Change to Water Disinfection Method, March 1st - April 19th

Report a Water or Sewer Emergency

Report water or sewer emergency for your home or business 24/7 to (919) 362-8166. Click link above to learn more.

Note: Call the town first and let us investigate the problem. We will advise you if it is a town issue, or if you need to call a plumber to make the repairs.

Water Quality Services

The Water Quality section of the Water & Sewer Operations division performs the following functions and services:

  • Testing (Water Quality & Water Meters) 
  • Hydrant and valve inspections and maintenance
  • Bulk Water (Hydrant Meter Rental & Bulk Water Hook-up)
  • For information on the Water & Sewer Final Inspection for certificate of occupancy approval, please visit the Contractor/Builder Service Requests and Inspections page.

Further Resources

The following documents will provide you with more information regarding water in the Town of Apex:


The Town of Apex maintains over 254 miles of waterline and serves over 17,000 households. Drinking water for the Town of Apex is produced from Jordan Lake and processed at a treatment plant that is co-owned and co-operated with the Town of Cary. 

Jordan Lake

The water plant is located 6 miles from Jordan Lake, which is part of the Cape Fear River basin. The lake was created to control flooding, improve flow downstream, provide recreation, and supply water regionally.