Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting
Thursday, September 29th
Halle Cultural Arts Center
7:00 - 8:30 pm

What is an Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting?

This is a special meeting of the town council where citizens have the opportunity to participate in structured (Q&A) dialog with their elected officials.

Where will it be held?
In order to provide a different feel than a regular meeting where the council conducts business, our first Old Fashioned Town Hall Meeting will take place in the Halle Cultural Center, a fitting location considering that building served as Apex’s first town hall. This is a limited seating venue, which is consistent with a small town, old fashioned discussion. Free tickets will be available with registration online.
How long will the meeting last?
The meeting will be limited to 1.5 hours in length.

How often will this type of meeting be held?
That will depend on demand and other factors, but it’s not unreasonable to consider holding these annually. Some consideration will be given to avoid election season.

Will citizens be able to ask questions?
Yes, that’s precisely the point of these meetings. In order to be fair to citizens, the person asking the question should have primary residence in the town limits or ETJ.

What are the guidelines for asking questions?
The questions should be limited to issues or topics that are relevant to, and within the purview of, the town of Apex. Topics should be new, i.e. not discussed earlier in the evening. Each question is limited to 30 seconds to limit speechmaking from the floor. No follow-up questions will be permitted. Couth and decorum are required.

Can citizens address questions to individual council members or to town staff?
No. In order for this to remain civil and productive towards getting answers, questions should be posed to the council as a body, rather than to individuals. While town staff will be present for support, the purpose of meeting is for citizens to pose questions to their council.

Who might answer citizen questions? Are there limits?
Any council member may choose to respond, but response is not required. Any number of council members may respond. Responses will be directed toward the entire audience. Responses will not have a time limit, but in order to keep things moving forward, the facilitator may cut short runaway responses.  

Who will run the meeting and keep it under control?
The mayor will act as the meeting facilitator and ensure adherence to the guidelines. The facilitator retains the right to grant or revoke the floor for the common good.

Will the meeting be recorded? If so, what will happen with the audio / video?
There is no hard commitment to record these meetings, but town staff may do so if the logistics and funding make sense.  They may edit them (to provide multiple camera angles, captions, etc.) and publish at a later date. Since this is a public meeting, some citizens might decide to use social media to post text updates, or live stream video.

Will the council discuss any rezoning requests, site plans or any other business?
The council cannot discuss specific proposals but may make general comments concerning zoning. The council will not deliberate, nor make any decisions regarding official business at these meetings.

What if a really good question generates a “Eureka!” moment with the council?
If a discussion warrants follow through, the facilitator will ask the designated note-taker to add it to a list of things to be discussed at a later date, perhaps coming back before council, one of the boards, and one or more committees.

Must citizens provide their questions in writing in advance?
Writing questions in advance is not required. However, questions that are pre-submitted with the questioner’s name and address will get priority. Once advance questions are addressed, others may be taken if there is time left. Use this form to presubmit your question any time before September 29th.