Shearon Harris Siren Testing

Note: All information provided by Duke Energy. Please check their website for more detailed information about the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant.

2017 Siren Test Dates

Low-volume tests

  • January 11
  • April 12
  • July 12
  • October 11

Full-volume test

  • November 8

Full-volume siren tests are scheduled to occur on Tuesday mornings to minimize inconvenience for plant neighbors. The tests, which last up to three minutes, are conducted to make sure each siren works properly.

The sirens in the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) around the plant serve as an outdoor warning system in the event of an emergency. If an emergency at the plant required the sirens to be sounded, sirens would sound repeatedly.  If you hear a loud, steady sound coming from one of the sirens around the nuclear plant, tune to a local radio or TV station for more information.